About: A platform for users to post grocery items they need, and for neighbors to see the items requested by those near them, allowing them to buy and deliver the groceries in a seamless way. This enforces quarantine behavior, and helps build community growth

Built With: Swift, Xcode, Zeplin, Google Cloud, Firebase oAuth, Firebase Firestore, Stripe API, Google Analytics, MongoDB

iOS Frameworks: UIKit, MapKit, CoreLocation, FlyoverKit, UserNotifications, EventKit, Contacts, Firebase, Parse, Authentication, iCarousel, AlamoFire

Completed Stand-Ups / Milestones (2 hours sprints)

  • x Wireframes
  • x Zeplin components
  • x Create boilerplate w rotating map
  • x Connect Google Authentication with Apple Account Plist
  • x Connect Google Firestore with Device
  • x Connect Database real time updates
  • x Implement Apple Calnder and Apple Map transitions
  • x Connect Stripe API Sandbox account dummy account

Roadblocks Overcame

  • Create Modular Code Ever hate rewriting code? We used a singleton and MVC design patterns to write static objects and serialize and de-serialize objects between views on the phone and users in database.
/* global objects */
  static let sharedInstance = UserHub()
  static let db = Firestore.firestore()

/* serialize and de-serialize objects */
  struct Item: Codable {
    var price:String,  name: String, notes:String?

    enum CodingKeys: String, CodingKey {
           case price
           case name
           case notes
  • Local Notifications Observers Using them between View controllers we were able to write code in our singleton class and any changes made any other class would trigger local observers.
/* triggered in singleton / model class */
    var shoppingList: [GroceryList] = [GroceryList]() {
        didSet {
   .shoppingList, object: self)

/* listeners in all view contollers */
    NotificationCenter.default.addObserver(forName: .vcOneAction, object: nil, queue: nil) { (notification) in
                self.items = self.user.requestedList

  • Global Database Observers We used realtime snapshots to listen to collections and sub-collections in real time feed. Most of the time in the hackathon was spent here.
/* listen user changes ROOT COLLECTION*/
 FirebaseManager.db.collectionGroup("users").addSnapshotListener{ (querySnapshot, err) in

/* listen grocery list changes SUB COLLECTION*/
 let subCol = FirebaseManager.col_usersRef.document(id).collection("shoppingList").document("requestedItems")

If we had more time

  • Connect real time payments on the app
  • Use MongoDB Atlas to store payment data (easy integ w Stripe)
  • Connect Google Storage to store profile images

Useful Links


  • Backend: Yasin Ehsan, Queens College
  • Native & Frontend: Helal Chowdhury, NYU
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