Carbon Emission has been a big topic recently. I wish to reduce it with fewer people driving to work alone

What it does

It pairs a user with a closeby user who goes to work roughly at the same place and same time. Send in a pair request and you have a ride buddy.

How we built it

Using React as front end, it accesses google maps API and google places API to populate the search bar. The relevant information is then sent to a server and stored in a firestore database. Finally, the server calculates matched users and return them to the interface.

Challenges we ran into

Google maps API was very obscure and hard to work with at first with many implicit calls and async initializations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I think the final product as a whole is presentable given the time constraint and the lack of atmosphere due to remote working.

What we learned

I learned how to use React better as well as how to handle google maps API and google firestore API.

What's next for Neighbor Ride Sharing

Make a chat interface so that neighbors can talk to each other before pairing and negotiate time and place for a pickup after pairing.

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