COVID has changed every aspect of our lives, including the social interactions that we took for granted. As we navigate through new rules and expectations of daily living and rates of loneliness on the rise, it is critical to continue building community and maintaining these social connections online. Neighbird was built to help solve this problem.

What it does

Leveraging Twitter’s existing user network, Neighbird is a bot that helps connect users with each other to start a conversation. Neighbird will match users to start a conversation based on their geographic location, or a particular topic that the user is interested in.

How we built it

To build neighbird, we started by building a basic twitter bot using the twitter API. This bot could send direct messages to users. Neighbird processed messages from the user and using a series of prompts, collected information about the user. This information was remotely stored in a NoSQL database in MongoDB Atlas. We also built a web application in React and using some third party libraries, was able to display circles on the map representing hot zones for the different topics.

Challenges we ran into

As a multi continental team, our first challenge was working between the various time zones. Working in such a distributed team is something that even big tech companies are still trying to figure out. We faced challenges in integrating the different aspects of the code. The front end, twitter bot and the database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to work together as a team build a product that to brings communities together and offers help to those who need it.

What we learned

We learnt that great communities are build on the compassion of it's members and their ability to work together.

What's next for Neighbird

We are working on matching users with similar interest. We would use Google's NPL API to analyze users interests and responses to match them better

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