Coming to a female hackathon, we were inspired to focus on empowering women in the workforce. Statistics tell us that the average wage of women is less than that of men. But we know, we deserve more than what the society tell us!

What it does

Our web application provides reliable statistics and data visualization of salaries of different occupations and of various age ranges of men and women.

If a woman feels that her offered salary is not what she deserves, she can utilize negotiateHer to see what her skills are really worth.

Our application intelligently compares salaries with other individuals based on categories such as education, years of experience in the professional field, ethnicity/race, etc, and sees if the company is not offering her value.

If she determines that she needs negotiation, she can also utilize our artificially intelligent negotiateHer to practice negotiating salary. Based on her speaking tone, eye contact, and facial expressions, our negotiateHer determines level of preparedness to pitch to her employer.

How we built it

Struggling through hours of brainstorming. Attending Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services API workshop. Not sleeping.

Challenges we ran into

All of our team members did not have much experience with AI or using the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services API. We ran through many troubles trying to make requests to the API and understanding the examples. Using Node.js to make the backend work with very ugly functions within functions within functions was a pain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Not sleeping and powering through because we believe in this application.

What we learned

Using D3, unfamiliar APIs and incorporating Node.js backend and a lot of complicated JavaScript.

What's next for negotiateHer

Integrating a speaking bot to interact with the user in real time.

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