Initially we built a project for identifying the contaminants in the drinking water and purifying them via biological means. The majority of the contaminants are the industrial effluents. Once the industrial outlet water is verified for re-use and insisted to do so, the quality of the water in the nearby water bodies will remain unaffected.

What it does

This project maintains the data in a highly secured platform based on blockchain technology. This also prevents the data fraud.

How we built it

The given datasets are classified and analysed using machine learning algorithms. Then authorised data are filtered. These data are then stored in a block, which is very hard to alter by third parties.

Challenges we ran into

Classification and analysis of data is the major hardship we faced due to the strings and unformatted time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

We learnt about the machine learning algorithms for larger datasets and blockchain technology, which is an emerging technology.

What's next for NeerAadhar

Surely it will prove to be a cost effective and the most efficient solution for water related issues.

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