Living in a neighbourhood with a high population of elderly, we see and can feel the need for a handy and user-friendly mobile platform for people to request help or lend a hand to their fellow neighbours, friends and citizens. There are a lot of us healthier individuals who are less at risk, who can do this for them and deliver to them in a safe manner in this COVID-19 situation.

The goal is to allow vulnerable populations who don’t have strong support systems to stay at home and reduce their risk of infection, while ensuring they can still get access to essentials like food and medicine.

What it does

  • Needzo lets those under self-isolation and other vulnerable groups request deliveries and allows local volunteers to sort through, claim, and complete those deliveries with a gamification system to encourage volunteers to contribute more and feel rewarded for the cause. In a nutshell the platform lets those under self-isolation in a region post requests for deliveries and allows us to connect those who want to volunteer to help, purchase and deliver groceries for someone in need.

  • A user can register as a delivery person or a receiver and see a list of corresponding people who they can help or be helped by.

  • The working flowchart for the platform is added in the image gallery section of the devpost submission. Users can also chat with volunteers for special instructions for the delivery using the in app based chat services.

How we built it

  • We built the frontend setup with ReactJS framework, Redux library and Reactstrap components.

  • The backend is baked on NodeJS with mongoDB Atlas as the database provider of choice.

  • APIs that were used in project include HERE Maps SDK for geo encoding need, Auth0 as the authentication library and axios as the HTTP client. RChat was used for integrating the in app chat support.

  • The payment gateway integrated for driving the platform on donations is powered by Razorpay so that it could be a more at ease and familiar experience for the targeted Indian demographic,

Challenges we ran into

  • Integration a reliable authentication provider while also having a flexible data to work with. Auth0 solved this problem for us.

  • Finding pinpoint locations from the user provided address, HERE MAPS SDK helped us out in a lot more ways than this.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Working with the HERE maps geoencoding API, we managed to add colour based delivery status markers linked to the pickup status of the request.

  • Working as a team in a limited time frame

  • Design that gratifies the volunteers to drive and validate their non profit work in a way that motivates then to contribute more on their part.

What we learned

As we only have had couple of web projects before this the experience was quite a learning curve for our team. We still were not able to deliver the full concept given the time constraint but we would love to work on this further on and finish the project that we started with.

What's next for Needzo

  • Payments Integration for ensuring contactless payments.
  • Requester and Delivery person can connect and can chat, call with in the app.
  • Live location of the volunteering person so the requesters can know where are Helpers right now.
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