seeks to present needy schools and their communities to direct assistance from volunteers, philanthropists, aid organizations and NGOs without having to go through several procedures which may be too cumbersome to make any impact. It serves as a platform for needy schools to call for assistance and also for donors and volunteers to reach out to needy communities and schools.  How it works On the homepage, a user sees a graphical representation of data on school enrolment in primary schools worldwide. When the mouse is hovered over a country, the statistics on education for the country is showed. Countries are color coded to show which countries need the most help and countries less affected for easy identification. Countries needing the most help are countries whose school enrolment or literacy rate is less than 50%, color coded red to signify their immediate needs. Countries color coded with yellow are countries with the data less than 60 but greater than 50% whilst countries with data greater than 70% are coded with green.  A user is able view the list of registered schools, view a donor’s profile, become a donor or volunteer and also register a school. To view the list of registered schools, the visitor clicks on the View Schools’ tab. When a school name is clicked, the school's profile page is displayed with information about the school. Information such as year of establishment, School's contact details, the community/town/village School is located, main commercial activity/occupation of community/village, Male pupil population, Female student population (by percentage), Teaching staff, Current state of infrastructure, the School needs and the progress the school is making towards improving conditions, academic performance and getting more children into school are required in creating a school's profile.

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