It's Tinder for Spotify, except it's more like Rotten Tomatoes for Spotify.


Needle is a web application that allows users to rate their friends' playlists. After obtaining the URI from a Spotify Profile, any Spotify user can be searched. A list of their public playlists will be generated, along with a favorability rating for each. The user can then vote on the playlists, or even individual songs in that playlist. Sessions are isolated, but end as soon as another user is searched for. All data is stored in a local MYSQL database, making this app unfit for general release in its current state.

Needle was created using the Flask Microframework for Python and Bootstrap views. We also utilized the Spotipy API client for Python in order to interface with the Spotify API. We utilized WTForms for form validation and generation, along with a MySQL database to store information. All referenced technology can be found in References below.

We had originally intended to develop Needle as a mobile application, but ran into numerous issues developing with the iOS SDK for Spotify. We would like to port this app to a mobile platform in the future, and possibly add live-time modification of playlists in order to make the app mor similar to Tinder.

Overall, we consider this project to be a success. This was the first Hackathon for 2/3 of our team, and one of our members' first time writing significant code. We were able to effectively delegate the workload and each take personal responsibility for a major facet of the app's success. Though the app does have a number of bugs, we're proud of the work we put in to developing a clean and interesting platform, and feel that our idea is wonderful.


  • Requirements

    • Python (2.7.11 or later)
    • Flask (0.12.2)
    • Virtualenv 15.1.0
  • Initial Set-Up

    1. Clone this Repository and Navigate into needle/needle
    2. Use the Command source needle/bin/activate to launch the Virtual Environment
    3. Use Command pip install flask to get the Flask Module.
    4. Use Command pip install Flask-WTF to get the WTForms module.
    5. Use Command pip install mysqlclient if you're using the MySQL DB
    6. Use python to launch the server, and navigate to the local host to interact with the application

Since this App is in pre-production, the MySQL DB would need an initial setup on your end.


Special thanks to the Hack K-State team for hosting a great event!

-Patrick Canny

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