Summary: Analytics for social workers and medical professionals interested in the NeedHou projects

For the first part of the weekend, we explored what it would take to clone NeedHOU and rebrand with a different target client, such as human trafficking victims.

From there, we switched our focus to a specific set of NeedHOU users: the social workers, physicians and navigators who are assisting clients.

Before the hackathon, we interviewed a few of these people and the most enthusiastic request we heard was seeing which resources were most widely used, and which resources were most commonly used together.

We explored introducing Google Analytics to capture events such as which categories are most commonly used, which external links are clicked and which pages are accessed together in one visit.

We can also collect basic demographic data such as which language the site is most commonly viewed in.

We set up a new page on the NeedHOU site with some placeholders, and our next step would be utilizing that data and displaying it in a useful way for our amazing navigators.

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