In a world becoming increasingly dependent on smartphones, we are slowly losing the values of physical interaction and conversation: the very things that make us human.

Introducing Nector: your ultimate wingman. We know it can be hard to break the ice and meet new people. Our goal is to help you do that.

Nector is an iOS app that introduces people to each other at large events and social mixers: enter just one word to identify yourself or a topic of conversation. Then, you will be informed of other topics of conversation/one-liners within a 25 meter radius. Our minimalist UX then matches users according to their interest in each other's word, breaking the first social barrier and encouraging real human interaction.

Beyond this initial pitch experiment, we look to develop streams of monetization by working with organisations and events that require a social nudge to get things going. Applications of Nector are countless, perhaps on the Hill to bring together awkward freshmen or at club mixers. We believe that a single word of shared interest and ideology is all it takes to kickstart a new relationship.

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