That was the word we were given at the start of the jam, and so we went straight into brainstorming mode.

First we went on a spiritual/religious path and contemplated the very existence of life and death. Quite a few concepts were tossed around in this category, but from one of those ideas it evolved (or devolved however one wishes to view it) into the game we have here.

So, we basically thought a lot of deep things and when we realized how deep they were, we aimed for something lighthearted and fun.

What it does

In this game you are one of many zombies in an army raised by a vengeful Necromancer. You, unlike the other zombies, posses a small amount of intellect, allowing you to help the other zombies in reaching the town gate, which your master has surrounded with a siege.

Though if you die, that is completely fine, as your master (begrudgingly) will raise you once again! And again... And again... And again... And again... And again... And again... And again...

After all you probably are his most valuable asset.

The original idea was that you'd have abilities to help your comrades in arms in reaching the gate and protecting them from different hazards.

But Father Time had other ideas, and so in this build we have the zombie army, you, and archers firing arrows from on top of the wall. Better than nothing though.

How we built it

We build this in Unity, and for the graphics we used MS paint and Photoshop, for example. For sounds, we used Audacity and Reaper.

Challenges we ran into

As our team mostly considered of 3 wannabe designer/producers and one master coder, and our designated artist fell ill on the day of the jam, development was definitely a challenge.

Managing our time and resources was tricky, since some of our hosts we stayed with were pretty far away and we didn't wish to arrive on their doors at 4 am.

Perhaps we didn't have enough of coffee or energy drinks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of and happy about at least giving this jam a go, but there are also some other things:

The concept itself seems good on paper and fun on the build we have now.

The team is also proud of our Master Coder, who carried the team.

What we learned

We learned to make graphics in desperation, as we had no artistic skills whatsoever, and we learned some other new things all around.

What's next for Necro Siege

That remains to be seen. After the jam, we'll probably discuss if we want to do more with this project as a school project or to take this a learning experience and move on.

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