we wanted to improve communication between doctors and patients who don't want to spend time in the waiting room

What it does

you ask online for your doctor to see you. neČakáreň will register you in a queue of patients and notifies you when it's your time to leave the house, so you needn't spend more than 10 minutes in your doctor's waiting room. this is especially useful when you're not feeling well.

How we built it

we used python for the backend and users interact with a mobile app built with xamarin. emails are sent using gmail, and if time allows, we will use 46elks api to even send SMS!

Challenges we ran into

sending emails was not trivial, however scheduling patients so that everyone waits the least amount of time was especially difficult

Accomplishments that we're proud of

it is working! no, really, it's a small miracle.

What we learned

a lot... :D we were just beginners when we started and we didn't have experience with anything like this

What's next for neČakáreň

better scheduling of patients, various statistics (like how long does an examination take), using ai to decide when to get an appointment so you will wait the least

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