We live on a planet full of problems that need solutions. Global warming, hunger, forest fires, drought… To solve these problems, we need to set our goals. We also need financial resources and cooperation with people who can help us.

To achieve the goal, we will have to solve many problems. In the process, we will discover new things. It's like exploring space, reaching for the stars.

Problems are not stop signs they are guidelines. Robert H. Schuller

What could be more inspiring for this adventure than the infinite might of the universe?

What it does?

Nebulas is an open source, crowdfunding, multi-user collaboration application. Users can create their own projects in Nebulas or contribute to existing projects.

Features of Nebulas

Users who create their own projects can make it public and enable other users to participate. Thanks to the donation-based authorization system, users both collect funds for their projects and allow other users to contribute to their projects.

Philosophy of NEBULAS

Universe Map2D Definitions


2D, 3D and Graph View

Map2D Map3D GraphView

In problem solving, it is important to visualize the current situation and create a map. With Nebulas, you can see the relationships between the planets, their progress and labels.

How I built it

First of all, I determined the needs and examined the sample applications. Later, after deciding on the space concept, I found the application name and designed a logo. I got a domain name to match the app name. I first made the wireframe and then the detailed designs of the application on Figma. I developed Nebulas with ReactJs using open source projects. I prepared an introductory page, video and tutorials describing the project.

What's next for NEBULAS

This is an open source application prototype. It can turn into a real application with your support. If you like the project, don't forget to star and fork on Github.

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