Use beacons to find out where employees spend their time in-office to better plan spaces for productivity and collaboration

Beacon Application

Employees can run a beacon application on their laptop that will keep track of how much time they spend in different rooms in an office and report to a central server about these "sessions". The application uses the laptop's builtin bluetooth card to detect when it has come into the proximity of an estimote and when it is leaving its proximity.

Analytics Application

Employers can run the analytics software that will collect information from employees and generate helpful graphs about where employees are spending their time. They can use this information to:

  • Make more informed choices for future office choices
  • Schedule collaborative work in ways that will not disrupt productivity
  • Design communication policies to improve focus

If only we had more time!

In the future, this application could be extended to report more information from estimotes, such as temperature information. It could also easily grow to compute more useful statistics and generate more graphs. For more short-term value, the beacon application could also be extended to integrate with Slack to notify colleagues of when an employee enters a quiet zone and thus would prefer to not be disturbed.

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