Coronavirus is trying to teach us how we should live, seriously! . Performing a meta-data analysis of Covid-19 public clinical data, scientific publication, and related topics, we identified some physiological parameters altered in the elderly and people with chronic diseases. This group of people shows the higher fatality rate and higher severity of symptoms. The same parameters are well regulated in healthy people and youngers, that as we know are almost asymptomatic.

Our mission? Raising awareness, testing and mitigating the risks of fatality or developing severe Covid-19 related symptoms in the fragile populations. We are developing:

  • a platform to share distilled, fake-free, easy to understand scientific knowledge
  • a digital tool to identify the personal risk of developing severe Covid-19 related symptoms
  • a customizable formulation of supplements, able to support the restoration of the physiological balance and to mitigate the risk by ameliorating the overall health conditions.

We are partnering with the Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Naples Federico II, and medical doctors willing to support our project.

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