The inspiration behind NearbyFeed stems from the need to address the problem of disconnected communities and decreased engagement in Singapore, particularly after the impact of Covid-19. We wanted to create a solution that would bring people together, foster community interaction, and revive neighborhood activity.

What it does

NearbyFeed is an innovative app designed to reconnect communities by providing users with real-time updates and insights about their surroundings. By utilizing their current location, users can easily stay informed about local events, activities, and news. They can also create their own posts, share updates, and engage in conversations with other users through comments.

How we built it

We built NearbyFeed using a combination of React Native for the mobile app development, NestJS for the backend server, Redis for caching and session management, and PostgreSQL as the database. We leveraged Expo for faster development and utilized various third-party libraries to enhance the user experience.

Challenges we ran into

During the development of NearbyFeed, we faced and successfully addressed various challenges. We focused on designing an intuitive mobile interface, integrating geolocation libraries for accurate location retrieval and reverse geocoding, and optimizing app performance through caching and lazy loading. The tight timeline added pressure, but our team persevered, resulting in a feature-rich app that connects users with their local communities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our achievements in creating NearbyFeed, a powerful tool that effectively reconnects communities and fosters local engagement. Despite the tight timeline, we successfully developed an impressive minimum viable product (MVP) that addresses the needs of our users.

What we learned

Throughout the development journey of NearbyFeed, we acquired valuable knowledge and experiences in tackling community-related issues, constructing resilient mobile applications, and enhancing user interactions. Our team delved deeper into technologies like React Native, NestJS, and PostgreSQL, sharpening our skills in crafting intuitive interfaces and implementing scalable solutions. The integration of our programming expertise, combined with the utilization of various tools and AI technologies, greatly contributed to the creation of this project.

What's next for NearbyFeed

As we look ahead, our roadmap for NearbyFeed includes a range of exciting enhancements and expansions:

  • Personalized recommendations: We aim to leverage social analytics to provide users with personalized recommendations based on their interests and community engagement, fostering deeper connections within the app.

  • Real-time chat: We plan to implement a real-time chat feature, allowing users to engage in conversations with people nearby, facilitating meaningful interactions and connections.

  • Guest feature: To enhance accessibility, we will introduce a guest feature, enabling users to browse nearby posts without the need to create an account. However, logging in will be required for creating posts or writing comments.

  • Map view integration: We will integrate a map view feature, visually representing posts with red dots on the map. This will encourage users to explore locations with a higher concentration of posts, promoting local visits and community engagement.

  • Collaboration with local organizations: We aim to collaborate with local organizations and community groups to promote and list neighborhood activities and events on the app. This partnership will enrich the app's content and provide users with a comprehensive view of local happenings.

By implementing these features and forging collaborations, we aspire to continually improve NearbyFeed's functionality, user experience, and community impact.

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