How can we improve the e-commerce experience for all? Online transactions are increasing as more people are going online to shop. Number of people buying goods and services online will increase 29.8% to 2b by end of 2021. Currently over 70% cart abandonment by online shoppers. BNPL 83% of retailers experienced improved conversion, fewer cart abandons.72% retailers experienced higher average order values and basket sizes. Merchants struggling to build long-term customer relationships with in-store paper engagements like sticker reward cards failed with Covid. There has to be a better way to reward loyal customers? Afterpay*

What it does

Food Customers Customers join our loyalty rewards program. BNPL from your favourite restaurants, bars, cafes, and food trucks. Earn discounts on your favourite foods nearby. Make purchases in advance and pick them up later. View a catalog of food items safely online with our user friendly website running Square APIs on the back-end. Popup for ways to earn points by signing up, Facebook likes, or Twitter share. Customer places order online with the Orders API allowing users to choose delivery options or pay for the order later. They can redeem points by using it as a price discount. Direct food customers paying the monthly account fee [SS/month] until repayment is paid in full (interest-free) in addition to administration fees. Customers are rewarded with loyalty tokens if they repay their BNPL loans earlier. They can unlock more perks and exclusive rewards like amount discount, percentage off, or free shipping.

Restaurants Integrates seamlessly with popular apps for independent businesses to drive sales conversion. US, CA, or AU apply Online and sign a Square Partner Agreement to activate Square Loyalty subscription via the seller dashboard for redeeming rewards for a cost of $45-$105/month. Drive sales conversion with our beautiful, mobile-friendly restaurant checkout website. Sell anywhere and in any way your customers want to buy. After processing the payment, the seller can fulfill the order on their dashboard. Square sends the order details to the merchant Square Point of Sale via mobile or web. Square restaurant merchants make commission on purchases paid through the Nearby Now application and loyalty token governance. Merchants can list, calculate and search for loyalty points from the customer's mobile phone number. This boost sales and retentions with points, referrals, and data. Lending pool from tokens used to fund the BNPL loans. Advertising revenue from consumer shopping data collected from the mobile app used for analytics. Direct ads based on geography, gender, age and spending habits.

How we built it

Nearby Now is an automated order fulfilment application developed with Express JavaScript fNode.JS Framework . It is integrated with Square Web Payments SDK making multiple API calls to access back-end data.Square sandbox configured the API client in Square SDKs to use the Sandbox environment to initialize the client. Allows developers to test the application in the Square Sandbox and in the production environment. Sqaure's API Explorer was used to quickly test RESTful API requests (like loyalty accounts) and responses during development by sending HTTP requests and view examples in cURL, Ruby, Python, C#, Java, PHP and Node.js.

APIs used:

  • Orders API to manage orders.
  • Payments API to process payments. The application also uses the Square-provided JavaScript library to include a payment form. *Catalog API to manage the catalog of food items you sell. We provide a script for you to prepopulate catalog items, variations, categories, and taxes.
  • Loyalty API to manage the buy now pay layer point system where buyers loyalty accounts are logged. Nearby Now records loyalty events as point balance change in a ledger on Square customer point-of-sale API. The buyer just sees a standard order-confirmation page.

Challenges we ran into

  • UUID for API-calls. Wrote a function for it
  • Price conversions kept throwing an error in the Square API Explorer because I was using CAD instead of USD. Had to set it to CAD manually.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To enroll a buyer in a loyalty program, you create a loyalty account and provide the program ID and buyer's phone number. You can obtain the buyer's phone number from your application flow. For this walkthrough, you use a test phone number that works in the Square Sandbox: +14255551111.

What's next for Nearby Now

  • Expand the geographical region as square Loyalty is currently available in the following countries: Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • A blockchain token tied to the Square API ledger for loyalty events
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