I attended the SF Launch Hackathon at Fort Mason.

What it does

Find a coffee shop near your location and get there with help of ride sharing.

How I built it

I just learned about ionic framework by going through a tutorial. It is a fast and easy to get up running and create an app. The framework have good UI support on list display. I was able to create a swipable directions and deeplinkable buttons for Lyft and Uber.

Challenges I ran into

Yes, its quick to get up and running but, when there is an issue, you have to really know the details of the ionic framework, Angular, html5, javascript and css. In addition, I was integrating the google map (ESRI), Lyft API and Uber API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to come up with a clean UI that is usable in my android but not all features are working. You can download and test it out on your android device using ionic view ( Use the email: and send me your email id if you want to test out the application on the browser.

What I learned

Its not easy to integrate these software when you are doing it for the first time. Use ionic to prototype. Use Lyft, Uber API to integrate ridesharing in my app.

What's next for nearby cafe

Continue the esri, Lyft and Uber deep linking integration. When this app is submitted to Google play, it will have $50 gift associated with it.

Built With

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