We initially started with nearby before covid. The concept of the app was built around community and neighborhood with a strong focus on social interactions, which many of us seem to be missing in the digital age. So we tried different location based messaging ideas. Then during covid we realized that the whole app should be your go-to app for location-based interactions to support local businesses, help stay safe (local news - also about health / pandemic issues) and stay social while not allowed to move much.

What it does

Connect people to their surrounding (other people, businesses, things of interest, travel)

The big goal

nearby should become the one and only app everyone installs to get information about their surrounding and for all nearby social interactions.


3 software developers. Development lead has 10+ years experience with mobile and web applications.

What's next for nearby

We have a beta mobile and web application which we are currently rebuilding. Looking for financial support to make the dream a reality. Let's build the location based future together.

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