Shopping in online space is so exciting. Online retailers keeps us update about latest offers which are relevant for us and we get to know who can give us best offers. We thought what if we can take this model to our real physical world? What is every customer shopping in a physical store can also get to know product offers based on their interests? What is a store can know the interests of a customer just walked in and can offer and personalized deal to him?

How it works

A simple mobile app is at the core of the solution. Each physical store has BLE beacons deployed in their stores which advertise about latest offers from their store. When a user passes nearyby, the mobile app picks up the advertisements and show those which are relevant for that user. A user will get a notification in his pebble watch once such an offer is nearby him. User can browse all the nearby offers in his pebble smartwatch. If he like an offer, he can go to his mobile app, view details about the offer and buy it. For payment, he can choose between conventional payment methods such as credit/debit card/internet banking or the user can use the most secure bitcoin network. We are using coinsecure apis for making this transactions done.

Challenges I ran into

Bitcoin concept was a little difficult to understand. The algorithm for payment process took some time for us to implement. Also the android intergration of pebble watch was a first time experience for us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Implemented pebble watch integration to our mobile app in 4 hours. Understood and implemented basic bitcoin payment processing algorithm.

What I learned

Work with pebble watch - both native and android integration. Learned about bitcoin Work with coinsecure APIs

What's next for Nearby

We want to implement google like search for physical world. It should work like, if I'm in a shopping mall, i should be able to search for which are the store nearby me have a particular item I want and who can offer me a better deal.

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