NearBuy is an iOS application that lets you discover businesses and deals nearby just by pointing your smartphone. It helps everyday people find hidden treasures, and helps business owners attract customers with time and location-sensitive deals.

How it works

Server side

Our server is written in Flask, hosted on Digital Ocean, with a MongoDB database.

Web App

The web front end is built in Polymer, a modular web components library.

iOS App

We use geolocation, positioning, and mapping data to pass a spatial representation of nearby locations to our iOS written in Swift.

Challenges I ran into

We tried to use tesseract to do OCR on Company logos to match locations, but the library had a hard time scanning non-standard fonts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have the full stack experience, a web app admin interface for business owners, and a fully functioning mobile app for consumers, and we still had time to do work with tesseract and other web service integrations

What I learned

It pays off to get the deployment worked out first.

What's next for NearBuy

More integrations! We'll be adding support for buying movie tickets when you're near a theatre, (the API requires waiting for a key) and checking in on Swarm!

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