• Better marketplace for carbon offsets

What it does

  • Tokenizes carbon sequestering land to NFTs.
  • Land owner generates "Blue Carbon Tokens" (BCT)
    • A separate contract reads the Tons of Carbon (TOC) and size to determine how much carbon offset credits are generated per year. the contract should then issue BCT to the nft land owners on a regular interval.
  • BCT is a fungible token that can be traded freely on other DeFi Protocols
  • Buyers can burn BCT to negate their carbon footprint

How we built it

  • near javascript sdk
  • tried using bundlr
  • near-cli
  • Python jupyter notebook to process ipynb data, store nft metadata, and mint nfts

Challenges we ran into

  • tried using bundlr for storage but ran into issues (talked with devs and they updated the cli but it was too late to integrate)
  • tried using but pagoda required ABIs which couldnt' be generated in javascript SDK

What's next for Near Zero - Carbon Credit Market

  • Frontend and visuals
  • Complete airdrop contract
  • develop market for BCT

Built With

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