With the recent and increasing lay-off in tech sector globally, job application will be on the rise with much competition and having a professional resume, will help you get noticied easily and increase your chances. The need for a community based resume template platform, where professional recruiter acts as a resume reviewer to review your resume and suggest tips that will help you ace your interview in your niche. NEAR-RESUME wants to help in creating a professional resume that gets the job.

What it does

NEAR-RESUME is a decentralized application (dapp) that enables you to create a professional resume from our collection of editable resume template in minutes.


  1. Use our resume template and make payment in NEAR testnet token, rate the recently used template and earn a 0.1 NEAR token, rating increases the usablity of a template.
  2. Do you have experience as a recruiter in a niche of profession? (like software development, nursing, teaching, Human Resource manager), signup as a reviewer and create your account. Get listed as a reviewer and get hired to review a CV, get paid in NEAR testnet tokens in your rate.
  3. Use a template to create your resume and pay in NEAR.

How to use a resume template.

  1. You select a resume template from our collection resumes.
  2. Fill the resume template with your details like profile, work experience, education and references.
  3. The resume template background color is editable.
  4. Upload a profile picture, if the template has provision for a profile picture.
  5. Login to your testnet wallet, Authorize application and make payment in NEAR token.

How we built it

I wrote a contract in rust that enables you to

  1. List a resume template by specifying its price in yoctoNEAR, title, amount of sold unit, template image, template ID.
  2. Get a listed resume template through its ID.
  3. Get all listed resume template.
  4. Buy a listed resume template after usage.

Tech stack Frontend: It was built with Next.js using typescript, redux for state management, cloudinary to save images. Contract: Rust

Challenges we ran into

  1. Writing a contract in rust and using Next.js not React.js as using window is quite tacky in Next.js
  2. Payment in NEAR, had issues with access keys.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Successfully able to write a contract in rust.
  2. Connecting the frontend to the contract.
  3. Payment in NEAR tokens.

What we learned

  1. Through the project, I learnt how to write a contract in Rust, as I had no prior understanding of rust earlier, I read the rust book, I read near documentation on rust, nft and NEAR 101 from decade.
  2. How to connect the contract to frontend using near-api-js.

What's next for NEAR-RESUME

  1. Create more resume templates.
  2. Enable chat between reviewer and their client.
  3. Make the application more robust via email notifications.
  4. Make the application much faster, as the pdf dependency is quite huge.

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