##What is Nearest Health? 🏥

Nearest Health is an app that eases the stress of wait times by directing patients to open-capacity hospitals and walk-in clinics through a quicker system.

##Current Problems with the Health Industry 🚨

  • Providing information on the wait times can cause patients to get upset and feel misled
  • Wait times cannot be guaranteed because every patient is there for a different health concern
  • It is difficult to get a hold of hospital staff since they are usually very busy

##What makes Nearest Health Different? 💭

Based on real-time data, we guide patients in need of medical attention to the nearest hospitals and walk-in clinics that have vacancies with different statuses of availabilities.


Our experiences waiting in the Emergency Room at hospitals and hearing stories about it from friends.

What it does

The Nearest Health app serves as another system to help increase efficiency and aids people in finding the nearest health care they can get that is close in proximity to them and has availability.

How we built it

We built this using HTML, CSS, SCSS, JS, Bootstrap, and Figma

Challenges we ran into

Being a team of designers from a close form of backgrounds, we challenged ourselves to push our designs into code. This came with a lot of high expectations and visioning, as we really wanted our solution to be something we enjoyed as well. Right off the bat, we were thrown into adopting React and struggled to understand the structure. We narrowed down our scope into a manageable project by pushing to JavaScript and SASS instead (which was great).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Going into something completely out of our field of expertise and gaining new forms of insight. This was also all of our first in-person hackathons so it was cool to see what was achieved.

What we learned

That the health industry still has ways to go and it's interesting to see how future technologies might solve our biggest problems.

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