Hi, my name is Tuan. I'm a mobile Engineer. Coming from Mobile world, when I started to implement my idea, I couldn't find supported library for developing Apps on Near Protocol. So with this project I hope it will help other peoples like me in the future.

What it does

  • This library is inspired by Near JS API, it will provide high level library and it helps Flutter Developers start their projects on Near protocol easily.
  • Parts of API are implemented such as KeyPair, RPC Provider, Signer, Account.


There're 2 challenges in this project

  • As I new to blockchain and Near Protocol, I need time to read codes, run examples in JS
  • Time for this hackathon is not enough for full implementation.

What's next for Near Dart API

When all are implemented, developers can use this to develop Mobile/Desktop/Web app such as: Wallet, Transaction Editor... using Flutter

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