Often people want to send their property to other people who don't already have a NEAR wallet. The ability to send it by phone number makes the experience of interacting with the ecosystem much easier and increases the speed with which NEAR spreads

What it does

We made a web application and a smart contract that allows you to send NFT from Mintbase, FT and NEAR by phone number - app Thanks to our service users will be able to send their stNEAR meta-pool NFT from Mintbase to a friend via SMS!

How we built it

The smart contract is written in NEAR in rust, the web application in react js, the backend in python (fastapi). We use wallet select to connect wallets.

Challenges we ran into

When sending by phone number, there are 3 challenges

  • phone number protection
  • phone number verification
  • Freezing assets until receipt

We solved these problems with a smart contract on NEAR. When you send money, FT or NFT they go to a smart contract. The phone number is stored as a hash from the phone number and the secret key. This makes it impossible for an outside observer to know the recipient's number. To verify the phone number we use a Twilio.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the fact that we have managed to sit all the tasks, both for the testnet and for the mainnet. We're excited to make the NEAR ecosystem even more accessible. The project is fully implemented at the hackathon!

What we learned

wallet connect / NEAR rust smart contracts / Twilio / NFT/FT contracts API, working with mintbase API, meta-pool api

What's next for NEAR accesses by phone number

we will launch collaborations with several projects so that they can give their NFT/FT to new users by phone (Npunks, Mintbase). We are going to add phone number submission to HERE Wallet

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