• Ideally, the lottery must be clear and transparent.
  • We bring the Bingo 18 version on the chain.
  • Simplify everything and increase the chance get the reward.
  • High probability with the combination of 3 numbers of 1-digit one.

What it does

  • Players will participate in the spins by choosing their desired number on the screen.
  • The results will be generated randomly from "Smart Contract" on Blockchain (NEAR Network)
  • Each round will take place within 10 minutes.
  • There are 38 different winning and playing modes for players.
  • At the end of the game session, the results will be notified and compared.
  • Prizes are received almost immediately in the participant's wallet.

How we built it

  • ReactJS (NextJS Framework)
  • Near SDK, API JS, Link:
  • Near Wallet
  • Bootstrap with CSS
  • Support Responsiveness on Mobile.
  • Vercel Hosting for dApp Static Site.
  • Mob-X, Redux for State Management.

Challenges we ran into

  • The documentation of Smart Contract in JS SDK is quite new, seem lack of material for developers.
  • Recognized the limitation of the network for our next idea to reduce rounding time to less than 10 minutes.
  • How it could be supported worldwide for massive users using in the future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are proud to finished creating an innovative dApp LOT on the chain.
  • The MVP doesn't get plenty of time, to make it perfect, but it works.

What we learned

  • We have learned mainly interacting with Smart Contract.
  • And also how to deploy the Contract on NEAR Network.

What's next (Milestones)

  • Q1-2023: Extend to complete remaining modes of Bingo-18 to bring 38 types live, roll-out to mainnet.
  • Q2-2023: Support Cross-chain (eg: Chain-Link (VRF)) and multiple wallet.
  • Q3-2023: Support others lottery mode, 2-digits type as Keno.
  • Q4-2023: Support stable-coin, fiat currency and mobile applications.

Development Status



Player: Participants buy lottery tickets.


  • Wallet Connecting:
  1. On the Header, click the "Connect wallet" button.
  2. Select "Connect with NEAR"
  3. Select the wallet you want to connect to in the list, below the words "Connect your wallet".
  4. Select the wallet account you want to connect or create a new one.
  5. The text on the "Connect wallet" button will change to the name of the logged in wallet account.
  • Buy Tickets:
  1. Go to the "Buy Ticket" section on the Header (or press the "Buy Ticket" button on the homepage).
  2. Pick up the number you want and click the "Order" button.
  3. Click the "Approve NEAR" button to confirm the money amount of the wallet will be deduced.
  4. Select the amount you want to bet (smaller than the available amount).
  5. Click the "Agree" button.
  6. Sign the transaction and wait for the result.
  7. In success, the app will redirect to the homepage, and under the "NEXT DRAW" section will display the number of tickets purchased.
  • Notice: The time limit for purchasing a ticket per round is less than 1 minute.

  • Result validating and get rewards:

  1. On the homepage, at the "Winning Numbers" section, switch to the "Your History" tab.
  2. A list of rounds participated with the number of winning tickets will be displayed.
  3. Press the ">" arrow button to open the details of a joined match.
  4. If the player has a winning number, click the "Request Prize" button to claim the reward.
  5. In success, the "Request Prize" button will change to "Claimed".

Built With

  • figma
  • near
  • near-api
  • near-sdk-js
  • react
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