We wanted to plan out an entire colony instead of looking at a certain aspect of life on another planet.

What it does

        It is a self-sustaining colony that uses renewable resources to live. 

How we built it

        Since this is far into the future we made the assumption that space travel was made much easier. So we have monthly cargo ships that drop off supplies to our new planet. Eventually we will have enough resources that we will no longer need cargo ships. The first time we landed, we brought two ships worth of cargo. We used Minecraft to make our visual and we used Repl for our website, here [link](

Challenges we ran into

       The biggest issue for us was the weather, the weather made certain ideas impossible, but at the same time it opened up room for new ones.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

        We are proud of our plan. And how we made the visual model. We also learned new skills and applied them, we think they turned out great and that makes it completely worth it.

What we learned

      Some of us learned a bit about code, but we mainly learned strange facts, like how much electricity a water turbine generally produces every second. I think we learned skills and general knowledge that we can apply in the future.

What's next for Lakeside Colony

      With more time we think we could go much more into depth and look at different aspects that we might not have gone too deep into today. There is a lot more we could do to design this into a fully functional colony.

Built With

  • html
  • minecraft
  • repl
  • style.ccs
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