HakunamaBOT (Lion King Personality Chatbot)


This project is a retrieval-based chatbot, centered on two characters of Lion King: "Simba" and "Scar".

It is implemented on Slack, and ideally, we can implement it on the website we created: hakunamabot.com

Functionalities of the chatbot:

-Starting point: user picks the character between "Simba"(teenager) and "Scar";

-User asks questions to the chatbot, chatbot takes certain keywords (that we have generated) and replies;

-Replies are tailored to the personality chosen, and personalities are based on the movie script;

-If an input does not match with any of the preset keywords, then it defaults to a base answers;

-Some answers given by the bot have more than one possible answer, so the response is randomized;

-Some Q&A are more than one layer of the decision tree

credit: we pulled tf_idf.py and previous_chats.json from https://github.com/vaibhavgeek/retrieval-based-chatbot and edited it for our project

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