I built NDAify to make it easy for people to send, receive and manage standardized nondisclosure agreements.

What it does

In just a few clicks, you can drop a secret link into NDAify and secure it behind an NDA-wall. The person you’re sharing this secret link with will have to then sign the nondisclosure agreement before they can see your secret link.

With the new Airtable Block extension for NDAify, you can now invite team members to your Airtable bases to manage nondisclosure agreements. Your base collaborators will be able to search for and view your company NDAs. This will forever eliminate the worry that you or your team may be working under non-disclosure making Airtable the one place you and your team can go to find all your NDAs. One place to answer questions such as: "Do we have an NDA with this contact?" "Is our NDA expired for a contact?", or simply to send or renew a non-disclosure agreement.

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