Our idea is to design a geeky bar and besides increase security in personal traffic. In Addition the insurances can offer better contract conditions to their customers if they behave like a little lamb.

What it does

nDAD registrates the orders which have been paid via NFC and sends gained data in a cloud. On one hand side the customer/driver is able to overview his alcoholic consumption and get a rough estimation for his blood alcohol concentration (BAC). In addition the drivers car checks the estimated BAC via cloud connection and can thereby, give a advice not to drive or even prohibit a ride.

How I built it

We use two RPi's as plattform for the bar system and one to emulate a the car system. In addition a Microsoft azure cloud is used to provide a database, which can be accessed via REST request.

Challenges I ran into

Unfortunately our IT-specialist was not able to start the Ethererum Image on his machine. Also the remote control of Lightify via a RESTful api.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's aliveeeee!!!!

What I learned

We improved our skills in Python, Backend, Spark, Android, NFC-Communication,...

What's next for nDAD

Gonna see thta ;)

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