The Cryptocurrency world will be the future of fintech and currencies. With soaring high profits and returns, investors and individuals now want to delve deeper into the crypto markets by investing their money.

What it does

We will be helping our investors know the future market trends(at least for the next 2 months). We will give our investors a personalized chatbot through which they can have a view of our future price predictions. With a cherry on the top, we will be giving our customers, 24*7 the latest insider cryptocurrency news that they can view and have an outlook about what are the latest trends which the crypto market might take in the near future. We are a MarketPlace for the purchase and sale of NFT's, digital art products backed by the security of cryptography. In addition, we offer various payment methods in USD, ARS, ETH and other functionalities. We will be issuing coupons from brands(like amazon, zomato, oyo) in return for crypto coins which our customers will be paying directly to us. The customers can directly make a transaction through their crypto currencies, and we would be charging a small commission fee of 2-3%

How we built it

Using the API of crypto prices over the last ten years and frontend made using react js and the graphs and predictions made using ML models.

Challenges we ran into

Getting a proper API for the project and also integrating the meta mask feature in the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The website is hosted, able to connect to the metamask wallet of any user and predict the future crypto market for all enthusiast crypto traders.

What we learned

Learned how important the crypto market is going to be in the near future.

What's next for nCRYPTO

We want to make ncrypto such an app through which we can do live trading and also sell NFTs.

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