For this project, we realized that people wake up easier when they are able to listen to voices instead of hearing constant beeping so we deiced to make an alarm clock that is able to talk in the morning for you to wake up. The clock will tell you an interesting facts everyday when it is time to wake you up so you can also learn about our world. We have themes to fit what you want to hear everyday: biology, news outlet, and odd/interesting facts. The idea is mainly to help deep sleepers to wake up in the morning and sometimes people just like to hear a voice in the morning to wake them up.

To interact with the project, you use dialogueflow which is a google service. The back end process is created using flask and python. The biggest challenge was trying to make the google assistant speak the facts that we wanted it to since dialogueflow does have a five second timeout. With that being said, we had change it so that audio from the alarm was coming from the computer instead of google assistant. Throughout this whole process, we learned how dialogueflow works and how to use it properly along with learning how flask works.

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