welcome to NBHS

  • The NBHS is an educational app made Nivaldo Rocha and with the goal of reaching
    students parents and educators all in one place to benefit from the app.

What is NBHS and what does it do?

  • The NBHS stand for New Bedford High School. Now from the app you can track what day is it like white day or red day to help you manage your schedule and also request a temporary Pass or ID and access your grades, staff , NBHS website, notications and much more...

Challenges :

  • Some of the challenges I had were in developing the algorithm and some programming Technical issues.

Satisfaction :

  • As result of our achievements I am proud of our app.

expectations :

-I hope that next year students, teachers and educators will be able to use the application and enjoy as much as they can from it especially the students.

What have I learned ?

  • I learned that as a programmer I am capable and able to go from planning the app to a real a app that works.

Our Team :

  • Nivaldo Rocha : Lead Programmer and in charge of ui/ux design

School: NBHS Teacher : Mr. Acevedo

If you liked the app, please leave a like and a positive feedback, this helps a lot thank you .

Student password: 123200

Teacher password:123300

Pass/ID code:100

email: NB143091@student.newbedordschools.org Or my personal email Nivaldorochavip@gmail.com

To see the physical app you have to request more info because of copyright of NBHS.

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