NBA Player Stats

Our purpose going into this project was to create an easy way to access all info sports related, whether it be scores, standings, ticket prices, rosters, etc.. My team, being avid sports fans, often found it inconvenient to find data for multiple sports or leagues quickly and efficiently, often requiring some time sifting through Google. Our initial plan was to try to include information for multiple sports (football, basketball, soccer, etc.) but due to time constraints we eventually decided to focus on gathering data on solely NBA statistics. The first step in our process was planning our categories since it would be best to store all the data in a grid. The next step was gathering our data. Our initial strategy was to use the Wrangler API to crawl for the data we needed, however we found it much more time efficient to use other web tools. This involved finding charts and statistics found on mainly and converting them to Google Sheets files, which could be then processed through Big Parser to produce a grid. We then had to find a way to implement our grid which involved using using the API provided by Big Parser to primarily login and gain access to our grid, and then pull the requested information from the grid. In order to provide the best interface for accessing our grid, we decided to use HTML and JavaScript. By using these languages we were able to create a functioning website that would be able to browse our grid, and return the stats of each player. The final step was to provide a clean user interface in the form of a webpage, which required the implementation of readily available and new CSS files.

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