Note About The Readme

This readme is a bit out of date at the moment. It will be updated when I have a bit more time. If you want to see all the endpoints you could comb through the tests to see all that are available

Test Status

Build Status


git clone

Navigate your way into the cloned directory. If you want to confirm the tests are passing still, you can run the tests (reference 'To Run Tests'). Otherwise

Build the gem locally

gem build nba_api_wrapper.gemspec

Install the gem from rubygems

gem install nba_api_wrapper

To Use The Gem

From RubyGems
require 'nba_api_wrapper'
If You Want To Include An Up To Date Version In Your Rails Project
gem 'nba_api_wrapper', :git => 'git://'

To Run Tests

From the gem's directory

bundle install
bundle exec rspec spec/wrapper_spec.rb



Get Games


Returns information about games for a given date. The date param is optional and will default to today if not passed.

Date format expected is YYYYMMDD


Get A Single Player

NBA::Player.get_player(player_id, league_id)

Will return a single player's information. player_id is required and is the NBA's player id.

league_id is optional, and will default to '00' which is the NBA league id. It also accepts '20' which is the NBADL league ID

Get Multiple Players


Will return a comprehensive list of players. All parameters are optional. is_current_season is a boolean that when true returns only players for the current season, and when false returns historical players as well. Default is true. leagueId defaults to '00', is the same as league_id above. season_str refers to the current NBA season. It expects a string in the format of '2015-16'. It will default to the current season and rolls to the next season on August 1st.

Play By Play

Get Plays

NBA::PlayByPlay.get_plays_for_game(game_id, start_period, end_period)

Returns play by play information for a given game.

game_id is required (and is the NBA's game id), while start_period and end_period are optional and will default to 1 & 10 respectively.

Team Info

Get Lots Of Team Stat Info

NBA::Stats::Team.get_team_stats(lots of params)


This accepts a boatload of params at the moment, none of which are required and many of which are currently hard coded. If you're interested in seeing the possible options you can test out an example endpoint here

Get Team Info


This will return a list of current NBA teams in a hash where the key is the team id and the value is their name in string format

Get A Team Name


This will return a a string of a team name when passed a team id. The id is required.


As is the case with all wrappers around 3rd party end points, I do not claim ownership of this data. This gem also only works in so far as the NBA doesn't change, disable, or remove these endpoints.


Happy to have people contribute to this if they'd like! Please submit pull requests (along with updated tests) if you have anything you'd like me to add!

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