Abhi loves basketball, and Peter really needed to learn web development.

What it does

NBA One on One allows the user to select from a select number of basketball players, and uses collected data to simulate a psuedo-real matchup between the two. First one to 15 wins.

How I built it

The app framework is built in flask. We started with downloading the data set, analyzing the data set, and building models for the data set. We then set up the layouts for our main two webpages, and set up forms to communicate between the webpage, the application, and the data. Much time was later spent figuring out how to deploy a website.

Challenges I ran into

Implementing the most accurate machine learning model possible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have never done a hackathon before, never done web development before, never used flask before, never used html or css before, and never deployed a website before.

What I learned

A whole lot of technical skills that we did not have before. (See above)

What's next for NBA One on One

A better User Interface. Support for more players. Turning the model into a predictive model for team play.

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