NBA: King of the Court is the first mobile game to combine a top sports franchise (NBA) with location based technology and augmented reality into one overall dynamic game experience. Players compete to become the “King” of virtual basketball courts placed in real-world locations all over the world. In addition, the game’s dynamic updates allow for real-world synchronization for team events, local campaigns, contests and more. The game sets the bar on what becomes a true social sports game.

We have placed virtual, “Knicks-themed” Super Courts at 22 handicap-accessible basketball courts in New York. Each Super Court is stocked with high royalties and defenses to make shooting on courts more challenging and rewarding. By utilizing this fun mobile location-based game that is branded with the #1 basketball franchise, our aim is to raise awareness and drive traffic to these disability-accessible facilities locations throughout the city. Essentially, the app "gamifies" real courts in the city.

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