This project was inspired by the NBA playoffs that are currently going on because I love basketball and wanted to combine my passions for programming and basketball.

What it does

The app loads information about any NBA game that the user wishes to bet on and allows for the user to bet NBA Tokens on the outcome of any chosen game.

How I built it

The app's frontend was built using React and JavaScript while the backend is mainly structured around using Chainlink and Solidity. Other programs used to assist in building the project were Truffle, Ganache, Infura, and Metamask. Initially, most of my time was dedicated to learning about Chainlink and the other technologies that the hackathon organizers used in their workshops to develop an app. Then, I moved onto the planning stage of my project by creating a document of the different programs I wanted to use and drawing up a flow chart of how I theoretically wanted my app to function. After the planning, I first developed the backend, so that as I designed the frontend, I could decide how to create a GUI that best supports the backend functionality.

Challenges I ran into

One of the biggest challenges was trying to figure out how to work with Chainlink and create code that interacted with a blockchain. As this was my first exposure to blockchain technologies, I had to spend a few days just learning about Chainlink and how to integrate it into my app. Also, this was the first finished app that I developed mainly on my own, which made the whole development process a huge learning experience for me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I joined the hackathon halfway through the event, so as it was, I was very starved for time if I wanted to create a working prototype of my project. I am mainly proud of the great growth in my coding abilities that I experienced over the course of working on this hackathon. I was able to learn and understand a technology that was completely new to me and integrate it into my very first full-blown web app. Being able to say that I learned so much over the course of about 10 days and having something to prove for my efforts makes me very proud.

What I learned

Aside from learning many things about blockchains and how Chainlink can be used to improve smart contracts, I learned many essential skills about app development as this was my first mainly independent project and my first hackathon as well. I learned how to set up a project using several programs, make a backend that could interact with APIs and manipulate data, develop a frontend that best suits my intentions, and how to make my frontend interact with the backend so other people can use my app.

What's next for NBA Betting

Since my NBA Betting app was just a fun project to develop my programming skills, I will not be continuing to further flesh out my program, but instead, with my newfound knowledge of app development, I shall start working on my own personal projects that I can spend much more time on and make to my exact design.

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