What inspired us, since we are avid basketball fans we decided on take on this challenge.

What it does

Some exploratory analysis on the statistics for each team and player. It displays a comparison, ordered in a decreasing many based on features decided by the user from a drop down menu. More technical is our quantitative ranking at the bottom. It shows multiple graphs based on team or player, determining who ranks the highest/lowest in the respective basketball category.

How I built it

Initially, we used PandaSQL to query, clean, and aggregate the data. A jupyter notebook was used to perform the analysis and preview the display of our charts and plots. Following that, we used Dash by Plotly, along with HTML/CSS to design the dashboard to our liking.

Challenges I ran into

As non-cs majors, we found it new and challenging to develop a web application. We have all worked with Python but HTML/CSS were opportunities for us to explore and integrate into our development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have something running and usable to interact with. The design is very simple. We collaborated well and contributed a significant part in our own respects to create our first presentable app.

What I learned

The backbone of web applications, we learned that having knowledge about CSS and HTML is rather important because it allows to consider better looking designs and add a personal touch to our product.

What's next for NBA2kDash

As for deployment, we have confidence that our app can assist interested gamers wanting to find out more about 2k and the performance of the current players/teams. With more data on a game-by-game basis, we can analyse more deeply the dynamic makeup of the game, find flaws, and suggest changes or recommendations to the lineup.

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