IoT has huge potentiality to change the world, however, it requires not only software knowledge, but also electrical engineering, and it is challenging field as well. At the same time, today we can use established single board computer such as Raspberry Pi, so we don't necessarily understand VLSI or deep electrical engineering so much. Business is moving to software driven, and we can control hardware device from software API.

This project provides free and open and affordable platform for the people can play around IoT without extra efforts.

What it does

This is composed of the following elements.

  • Rhaspberry Pi connected with Picamera
  • Embeded software which capture images and transfer them into AWS
  • Backend server which takes charge of process controll for multiple tasks as work orders management.

How I built it

Embeded software: python + open cv + PiCamera on Raspberry pi Backend software: Ruby on Rails on AWS

Challenges I ran into

I couldn't have enough time to implement data analytics for bulk image processing such as object detection with deep learning

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully integrated multiple components, Raspberry Pi, PiCamera, OpenCV, Python, with AWS

What I learned

Refactoring approach in Python and Rails.

What's next for NB Platform for IoT

  • Machine learning for object detection and alerting functionality
  • Other sensor data connection such as location data, depth sensor, and so on
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