During what now seems like months ago, the first day of school, our group members were perpetually lost whenever going to any of our classes, having to ask an upperclassman or senior teacher every time. This app idea solves every problem we encountered.

What it does

Our technology essentially entails a guide for parents and new students when they initially enter the intimidating building. You input the room number in which you start and have a directional output on which directions to transverse in order to reach there.

Challenges we ran into

Chiefly, we needed to find a legible map of the school with distinct room numbers and separations of rooms. Luckily, we previously had a low-res photo of this map, but we couldn't make the program decipher the numbers, and so we had to completely overhaul the images and manually recreate it via Photoshop. We also had multiple initial drafts for the code, but due to the lack of time, we had to use a program that was more of a prototype than a final app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

We learned that making a navigational app is not easy to make at all, and that there are a myriad of factors that we hadn't initially perceived when it came to making the program show you how to locate a room.

What's next for NavSchool

We really want to improve upon his app and make it public, and in order to do that, we'd need multiple repositories for different maps of public universities and high schools, along with the ability to upload your own maps so that you can navigate with the app.

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