A mobile application and integrated platform are required so that users may charter boats, make boat bookings, track boats, and earn money by listing their boats. We were Inspired by the need to learn and provide technical solutions to solve the challenges faced by people looking to charter boats and use Marine Navigation services.

What it does

NAVR mobile app can be used to

  • Book Boat Trips Navr is the best way to find and book boat trips in your area. With features like getting estimated trip prices based on travel distance and boat type.

Charter Boats Search for the boat type and location you're looking for, and get a list of boats to Charter, you can either book your trip or find more information about each boat.

Partner with Us You can also list your own boat here so others can book trips on it, while you receive daily payment for trips completed by your boat

Track a Boat Navr is finalizing the implementation of live location services for tracking boats and vessels in the ocean to estimate their exact location and ETA.

How we built it

We built it by first putting together a team of developers , designers and product managers then we started ideation sessions to think about solutions that can be built with the Google Maps platforms and apis then we came up with some solutions and some designs that we could implement . We built the first design prototype after several meetings and then our developers started working on the code and the api integration.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of challenges setting up authentication and getting the google Maps Platforms API to work, apparently we spent so much time getting the API to work because we didn’t have a billing account linked to google console initially .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the design and we are proud of what we have build and achieved as a team we did learn a lot working together on this project .

What we learned

We learned to work together as a team We picked up skills and some resilience we didn’t know we had before We learned to work on projects with limited time constraints and the deadline We’re really looking forward to winning this .

What's next for Navr - Affordable Boat Trips Charter Services.

We are looking to integrate payments and some form of communication maybe texting or calling between the crew on the boat and the person ordering the boat trip or charter to the app. We are also looking to get funded and turn this into an actual startup.

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