Team PatheticShoppers was inspired to create NaviShop in order to help make the shopping experience more efficient and stress-free.

What it does

NaviShop allows the user to add items to their grocery list and leads them to their items. The user can find the closest shop, search for items at that shop, and checkout all in one app! There is also a built in feature that spawns coupons near items that have promotions.

How we built it

PatheticShoppers used Figma and Miro to plan out the application, and used Unity and VSCode in order to build the app. The PatheticShoppers were able to use the Wegman API in order to gather shop item and location information.

Challenges we ran into

None of the PatheticShopper members had prior experience using Unity or Augmented reality. It was really fun to be able to mess around with the unfamiliar tools and figure. Also managing timezone differences was one big challenge for all of us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

PatheticShoppers are proud to say that they were able to use the Wegman API to find ways to help a customer easily navigate through a store.

What we learned

The PatheticShoppers were able to become more familiar with how to use APIs and how to use Augmented reality in an app.

What's next for NaviShop

We'll add local shops and will add there items too. We'll launch it as a product in the next few months so that people will get benefit of the product.

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