NaviSafe was made from the passion to protect members of our community and the GTA. Crime is an issue in our world today and with NaviSafe, our mission to make the Toronto area a little safer has come to life.

What it does

NaviSafe is an application that helps users to get around the city while staying safe, with an emphasis on safe transportation. Using records from the Toronto Police Department, NaviSafe finds the safest and shortest route to get from one place to another. A user can rest assured that they will be on a safe and short path to where they want to go. If a user encounters a dangerous situation, they can use the application to report that something is happening. This will notify people in the area about the possible danger and they can take a plan of action. When the button is pushed, police will be notified through their partnership and there will be an active neighbourhood watch for crime. Once you arrive at your location, you can use NaviSafe's handy message plug-in to notify your friends and family about where you are and if you have safely arrived.

How we built it

For the front end application development, we used marvel to create an appealing user interface. For the back end development, we used Java to calculate safe and short paths through the Greater Toronto Area. The algorithm to find the best path according to the user's preferences uses the Java PriorityQueue method and the Prim and Djikstra algorithms.

Challenges we ran into

While coding the algorithm, we ran into some buggy code that led to a few errors. We also ran into a few problems while hosting the website.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We utilized graph theory algorithms and we were able to host our website.

Built With

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