We are creating inserts for running shoes that will use haptic feedback to help runners navigate routes, maintain their pace, and track milestones. We will start by helping runners navigate. When trying new running routes, runners have to rely on checking their phone to receive directions. However, this can be detrimental to their experience, and it will increase their vulnerability to hazards in the streets. By minimizing the time that runners spend on their phone while exercising, we can improve the quality and safety of their runs.

We envision Navilux to become the ultimate urban runner’s device in the future. We will add features such as pace keeping and milestone tracking delivered through haptic technology. A corresponding app will add a social aspect to the product, allowing runners to share their experiences and compare their routes, runs, and milestones with others in the area, stimulating a sense of community and engagement. Utilizing this technology, we can redefine the way runners exercise.

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