We wanted to help coordinate disability workers & volunteers at the stadium

What it does

Allows users to sign up for service that will tie an NFC tag to what they need

How we built it

Android dev / python(for snapdragon) + express & mongo backend

Challenges we ran into

gradle and lack of NFC documentation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting NFC to work (after dealing with impossible gradle)

What we learned

Gradle is very difficult

What's next for NaviGT

Improve UI and expand to iOS

AccessiDB is a revolutionary tool designed to optimize how people interact with buildings around them. Our service allows institutions to store user data safely on our portal and authenticate those users in turn. We also provide the system architecture integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT) to allow for buildings to be more connected, efficient, and allow for a richer experience. Our product is aimed at engaging the disabled by optimizing building architecture to their benefit. In a university environment, this will greatly benefit students and ensure everyone has equal access to the right resources and opportunities they need to succeed. For example, consider a physically handicapped individual. When our system picks up their ID via NFC, we can access relevant data such as their physical condition and optimize that building's facilities towards them. Examples include scheduling elevators, directing volunteers for assistance, reserving a seat in a classroom, and more. Our product in its current version uses a smartphone to communicate with an ID card via NFC and gather user data. This data is analyzed and the user can add locations and corresponding activities associated with that location. Our system stores this data ad anytime the user scans into that building, this prior data is accessed and loaded. We utilized Google's Cloud Platform for creating web APIs to the database. Azure's services were used for database hosting. We also used the Snapdragon to call web APIs using Python. In addition, we programmed our application for Android phones using Android Studio. This product is ideal for universities, government buildings, offices. The system is designed to ease the lives of everyone and ensure that the data that is collected from them and only used to benefit our clients and their customers.

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