NaviGO! - always go with you. An excellent travel companion everywhere. Explore and choose a place on your mobile phone, and you're guided to the place with wearable (smartwatch) navigation that knows and suggest a movement paths.

NaviGO! is a first wearable navigation that gives you the freedom and independence whenever you're moving. Comfortable and easy to use service to travel as pedestrian, by bike, car and by any other transport vehicle. Application being a wrist navigation, makes man hands free in action, no matter where user is going and what kind of items are being transported. At the same time glancing on the watch gives user easy to check movement direction and trip hints, when moving from point A to point B. In such circumstances, when delivering products to the customer in a short time, everybody must act quickly and effectively - often comes out of the car, change vehicle and/or sometimes just walk to reach the point. NaviGO! is always on hand, so user can effectively plan a route from point A to B and focus on main activities.

NOTE: The application is not intended for use while driving. It's mostly hand free navigation you can rely on being in movement or delivering products.


  • Samsung Gear 2 and Gear S devices support
  • Search places on the map (mobile device)
  • Navigation to destination place (Gear 2, Gear S and mobile devices)
  • Set a place or current location as HOME (mobile device)
  • Manage favorite places by tagging them (mobile device)
  • Request route from favorite places (mobile device)
  • Route hints during navigation (Gear 2, Gear S devices)
  • Vibration alarm for maneuvers, offtrack and ontrack actions
  • Route details view with trip progress bar status (more convenient for recreational activities such as bike, skateboarding, or cycling trips)
  • Day and night mode in route details view
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