The DCFS process is complex and how one acts or does not act during the process can have major implications on whether or not their families stay together. Our goal was to simplify the process with a visualization that can then be expanded to give individuals information on the pros, cons, options, and factors to consider at each stage of the process.

How I built it

The hardest part really was mapping out the process so we could put it into a flowchart that a user could view. Once we did that, we found an existing jQuery library as a starting point.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into a lot of issues with the jQuery library; we spent time researching other options but finding something off the shelf that worked exactly right is not possible. We went back to the library we used and got a static flowchart done, but the UX needs some work and we'd love to have an interactive version.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Gwen: we got a version completed and were able to work through collaboratively through things as they came up.

What I learned

Gwen: I learned a lot about the DCFS process generally. Also that you can generate JSON out of Excel (thanks Shira!) and how to add javascript libraries to content type pages in Drupal.

What's next for Navigating DCFS

We built this as a website with the idea that we can turn it into a live site very easily. It's built on Drupal with a complete content management system that allows us to turn the code and database over to someone to host and allow them to manage and add all of the remaining content.

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