The inspiration for the creation of this project are the couple of first days on the University when you have no idea where to go and your only hope is that your teacher understands what you had to deal with. From there we tried to expand the idea to where this project would be as useful for the OGs of the school as it is for the new guys. We put our heads together and came up with a couple of ideas scattered throughout our daily used apps as to what functionality would also benefit our daily university life.

What it does

The app, as it is now, can show you your schedule and navigate you to the buildings necessary for your survival in the uni waters. It also allows you to search for the correct building you need to get to. School canteens are very happy to show you menu.

How we built it

The app was built in react-native framework. In order for the app to fulfill our requirements it was necessary to use our own REST server in conjunction with Google APIs.

Challenges we ran into

  • parsing real data
  • working with react-native

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app itself is one huge accomplishment, at least for us. We are proud of every part of this app, starting with parsing and fetching data from REST servers, APIs and with developing our own user interface. It took everything we had and even some more to create the app but we are also aware that there is a lot to be done and a lot of skills to gain.

What we learned

During the app building we have learned a lot of cool stuff like working with servers, parsing data and we also had a chance to use our skills and knowledge from GUIs course. Last but not least we learned to work in a team.

What's next for NavigaThor

Our next steps would be fully integrating DPMK's API for native navigation to and from University grounds by way of public transport and getting info from the University server for when you need to find a specific person such as teacher (in their student visitation hours of course). We want to expand the app for use with other universities where they can provide their own data in our format and perhaps use the university login system to parse schedules automatically.

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